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Extra Curricular Activities

An exceptional bonus that is offered during your participation in our courses is many different interactive, fascinating, and pleasurable extra curricular activities. This is really a time for our students to take full advantage of city walking tours, bus tours, and visiting several close towns that help define the beauty and culture of a total immersion program. This is when the language is acquired in a natural fashion and because memories are being built retention of it is high.

Within Guadalajara whether touring the Minerva Fountain, the Niños Heroes Monument or any of the museums that are all around the city and downtown areas, learning to speak Spanish will be more significant while you learn about culture and history.

While you are studying in Guadalajara there are many smaller villages within very close proximity that are worth seeing. Lake Chapala is the largest lake in Mexico and is a fascinating place to shop, see the sights and tour around by small boat. Ajijic is a small village where there are many natural hot springs to enjoy while you soothe your weary muscles. Sightseeing in Chula Vista is fabulous. All of these places can be explored very economically on day tours.

What would the experience of learning to speak Spanish in Guadalajara be without visiting Tequila? Home of the Agave plant, which is tequila in its natural state, and just 30 miles away from Guadalajara; the tour to Tequila includes learning about the planting, cultivation, and harvesting of the plant. Of course this is an opportunity to use your acquired language knowledge as well as sample some of the most unique elixir in the world.

The walking tours visit many places and sites of interest around the city. Since Guadalajara sports a wealth of beautiful 16th century architecture and historical buildings these tours are very worthwhile. Most of the sites visited are located in the historic downtown area, very near to IMAC. Organized tours to other parts of the city are available; some are not well known, but are very important sites. All of the tours are guided and all the participants are encouraged to interact while hearing about the significance of the different sites. The great thing about these tours is that they are completely FREE. They are conducted on various days of the week and conveniently there are both morning and afternoon tours. Here at IMAC we like to update our students on the different tour options so that they can take full advantage of them.

Another event to participate in is FREE guitar lessons! The only requirement for a student to join in this event is that they bring their own guitar. This activity is offered once a week to all students regardless of skill level. The ambiance of this setting is informal and private.

Our dedication to providing our students with the best overall experience continues because each evening we have a cultural exchange group supervised by one of our instructors. On some evenings students can watch a movie or a video and a related conversation will follow. Other nights the teacher will select a prepared topic and the students will interchange their ideas about that related topic with one of our 2000 native Spanish speaking English students.

For those students interested in dancing, we have made an arrangement with a local dance academy. Whether learning salsa, cumbia or traditional Mexican folk dancing, you will enjoy learning Spanish as you move to the rhythm of old age tradition. These dance lessons are conducted outside of the school with a qualified dance instructor. The classes are taught privately and are approximately $15 USD per hour. Schedules vary and the arrangements can be made upon the student’s arrival.

Yet another excellent opportunity that we provide our students for learning Spanish and a unique Mexican tradition during our Homestay program is cooking one of our one of a kind Mexican dishes. Whether you are making Chiles Rellenos, Pozole or Enchiladas, you will face decades of knowledge, language, and culture that is only taught in a true Mexican kitchen. We have heard of no other program that does this for their students. Our host families provide the ingredients for a delicious Mexican meal and then the student is guided through the process. Click here to Contact Us! We will be glad to provide you with any information or answer any questions you have. (fees, homestay, course, etc.).

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Student Comments
The teacher was outstanding!
I have evaluated teachers in the classroom for over 30 years and she does a super job."
Nancy Mckinley.
May 2004

"Excellent teacher! Knows when to push + explains difficult grammar with ease. She also adds information about mexican spanish and culture"
Andrew Lee.
May 2004

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