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IMAC is proud to offer our students a traditional homestay accommodation option. There is really no better way to reinforce Spanish use but also it is an excellent way to learn about and blend in with the culture of Mexico.

We receive amazing feedback from former students about how they feel returning home every day to their hosts, and practicing the Spanish language. The feeling is that practicing the language does not become a struggle but becomes natural. Language development within the home is different than in the classroom because of the comfort level that is shared. Our host families are an essential part of aiding you especially with fluency as a Spanish speaker.

The hospitality that is put forth for our students is warm; in fact many feel like they are part of the family. This is a very traditional aspect of the Mexican culture which is explained by the manner in which they truly place immense importance on the closeness of the family unit.

The accommodation is very affordable and as a bonus, families will provide 3 meals per day for our students. This is a very convenient option especially since you are a guest here and you will be exposed to some real home cooking. We encourage our families to help the students learn to prepare a traditional Mexican meal while in their home. We know of NO OTHER program that promotes this. Once you choose the dish you want to make, from our Mexican recipe guide, your host family will provide you with the ingredients, support, encouragement and warmth to help you make a traditional meal. It is quite probable that upon your return you will long remember the savoury flavors of our world renowned Mexican cuisine.

Our host families’ homes are located in residential areas that are an easy 30 minute bus ride away from the school. These families are carefully chosen because of their friendly, social and outgoing qualities. All will cater to many different people with various diets and needs. "A perfect match" has been used more than once to comment on how successful we were in placing astudent in his or her home!

IMAC provides help for you every step of the way to ensure that you are comfortable and safe. The home, the classroom, the activities and a guarantee of our commitment to you is what we offer in order for you to achieve your goals in learning the Spanish language. Our total immersion program is proof of our dedication to helping you achieve the results that you need! Click here to Contact Us! We will be glad to provide you with any information you require. (Fees, homestay, course, etc.).

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Student Comments
The teacher was outstanding!
I have evaluated teachers in the classroom for over 30 years and she does a super job."
Nancy Mckinley.
May 2004

"Excellent teacher! Knows when to push + explains difficult grammar with ease. She also adds information about mexican spanish and culture"
Andrew Lee.
May 2004

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